21 Jul 2021
Sountrack music now available
The CD of the soundtrack music can now be found here on Bandlab.

29 Apr 2019
More DVD outlets
The DVD of A Humble Station? is now on sale in Harveys department store in the Piece Hall, Halifax, and at the Brontė Parsonage in Haworth.

01 Feb 2019
Screening at Halifax Playhouse
A Humble Station will be screened at the Halifax Playhouse Theatre on April 1st 2019. For further details see

29 Dec 2018
DVD for sale online
DVDs of A Humble Station? can now be purchased online from this site by choosing the View Film option from the menu above.

28 Jun 2018
DVD available
DVDs of the film are now available. Currently these are on sale in Sowerby Bridge at Trinkette and the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms, and shortly in Luddenden at the Lord Nelson. They will soon be available from other outlets and for purchase online.

22 Dec 2017
Film Available for Sale
A Humble Station? is now available for purchase or rental at Vimeo on Demand. Click the View Film tag above for details.

02 Dec 2017
New Trailer
A new and enhanced trailer for A Humble Station? has been released on Vimeo prior to releasing the full film for on-demand purchase online.

30 Sep 2017
Morley Arts Festival
A Humble Station? was screened at Morley Library, Leeds, as part of the local arts festival.

25 Sep 2017
Jubilee Refreshment Rooms
A Humble Station? was screened at the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms in Sowerby Bridge. The Jubilee is located on the site of Sowerby Bridge railway station. In 1840 Branwell came to work at the original station in Sowerby Bridge.

26 Jun 2017
Brontė Parsonage
A Humble Station? was screened at the Brontė Parsonage in Haworth as part of the celebrations for Branwell's 200th birthday.

25 Jun 2017
Screening in Thornton
A Humble Station? was screened at St James Church in Thornton, Bradford on the eve of the bicentenary of Branwell's birth which took place in Thornton.

15 Jun 2017
World Premičre
A Humble Station? has received its première at the Central Library in Halifax, to a very favourable reception.

08 Nov 2016
Trailer Released
The first trailer for A Humble Station? has been released on YouTube. The release date for the full film has yet to be fixed but will be in 2017, Branwell's bicentenary year.

09 Aug 2015
Filming Started
Filming has started on A Humble Station?, a film about Branwell Brontė's time in the Calder Valley